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I produce & possess expert skillsets in writing, graphics, code, audio / video & Generative AI. I self-publish and engage in contracted projects across industries in all formats…

I also engage in the development of clean technologies including EV, Solar and Renewables

Working in-house + with teams around the globe, I am always interested in new projects and new partnerships. If you have a project you want to discuss be sure to let me know call today!

– Jonathan Kagi

Contact: Phone: ‪(406) 298-3239‬ or email direct at:

Online Portfolio:

Creative Director / Project Management / Designer / Developer

The website you are on – dev.kagimedia.com – and all the content showcased and linked to on the website is in-effect my online portfolio. I conceived & created all content and code on the website and the website itself. This portfolio page is a quick walk through of just a few of the skills that I am often called on to work with.

Data Visualization

I can take your hard numbers – measurable criteria – research findings and make them come to life using the latest Data Visualization technologies. Turn sleepy presentations into engaging experiences that yield more positive outcomes.

Generative AI

There are many user friendly & entry level AI websites / apps & tools around the web – and many are free. But for premium content & content that you own – hiring a professional is the way to go. I have invested in machines that are capable out outputting the highest quality AI media – from graphics & cloning / deep fakes / avatar creation – to high end audio and video assets. Expert in Prompt Engineering, Art and Design Technology including AI / ML / ANN, generative AI, CAD, 3D, Futurism, Innovation, and Strategy.

UI / UX Design + UI Coding

Web Development adobe photoshop, Illustrator, json, js, css, php, xml, magento, social, cloudfront/S3, wowza media server, java, html 5, jw player, subscriptions & one-off sales via multiple gateways. This example is in two parts: Photoshop UI and the Live UI Photoshop UI: This “pixel perfect” Photoshop UI has many layers, layers for each state of every section: Cart, Social, Video UI, Video Playlist, Table of Contents, Tabs, Buttons and Calls to Action. I conceived, designed and created every single element of this UI. Note the UX logic built-in to this design.
Live UI: The Live UI brings the Photoshop design to life. Take time to examine each section closely and you’ll notice there is lots of logic built into the page. Huge amounts of information presented in a concise way on a well designed and well coded page.

Watch a Brief Video Walkthrough – of Jonathan Kagi’s design + UI/UX skills at: https://youtu.be/wC-LIaNbC0g

Logo Design

Logo / Branding Design adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, maya 3D
These examples are all graphic designs that I created in Adobe Illustrator. Thus they can be output to any medium, any size (billboard to micro) any format in Print, Web, Motion and 3D

Audio & Video Production

From Location Shooting to the Final Cut
Here we have one example showcasing every aspect of my Media Acquisition & Post Production. Cinematography, Lighting, Dollies, Cranes, Location Audio and then Editing, Voice-overs, Titles, Color & Compression.

Summary of Skills

Creative Director – Project Management: Ability to crystallize the goal – the message – the drive – and effect the result through high attention to detail and open inclusive communications.

Designer: Passionate about practical style and design. Advanced skill level in most all creative programs. Performs well as assistant designer – designer – senior designer. Experienced in design for Motion – Web – Mobile – Print – Font – 3D.

UX/UI Design: Great ability to analyze workflow or user experience and devise + implement creative ways to optimize / improve conversions and outcomes.

Web / Mobile: Understands the workings of programs and connected technologies – e.g. SDKs, APIs, Scripts, Databases and Servers. Has learned that making things run right is a matter of effective communications among the team while going above and beyond in a personal capacity. Has great experience working with coders in the USA and around the world (China, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, EU and other). As a USA based provider – can assess the project and determine the best way to get the project done based on goals and budget. Excels in Spec Development, Project Communications and QA with understanding of PHP – SQL – JSON – JS – XML – CSS – HTML – JAVA – AWS – Google Drive – Magento – WordPress – Wowza – Media Players – eCommerce Gateways – iOS – Android.

Multimedia Production: Owns and is an expert in the operation of audio and video production tools. – Video – Can conceive, script, storyboard, light and shoot any type of video. Versed in the use of video cranes, dollies and other creative production tools. – Audio – Can write and produce radio ready music in any style as well as produce audio for video. Writing: High creativity in writing copy, grant, social, technical and legal. Experience as Editor. Computer Related: Proficient in Microsoft Office / Google Docs / Adobe CS / Apple Pro Applications / Avid Applications / Various 3D Applications. Ability to install, diagnose, repair hardware and software of cross-platform computer systems / servers. Construction & Real Estate: In addition to being a seasoned Real Estate Developer, I am a Contractor with a degree in Construction Technology. Expert in all things involving Solar + EV & Tesla charging installations for commercial & residential real estate. Acquisition, Planning, Legal and Physical Installation.

There are many details that can be elaborated + other portfolio examples provided as needed. Contact Me directly via email or phone:

phone: ‪‪(406) 298-3239‬  ·  or email direct at:

Client Feedback:

The Arkaos VJ movies are great ! Really Nice! – Arkaos Interactive Visual Technologies Congratulations! The video looks VERY good! – Whirlwind, Inc. The production quality of the movie is right there. – Drum Workshop, Inc. We’d love to have you produce another BIG “Kagi” production. – The Virtual Training Company Thanks for a well produced product. – Sony Pictures Digital

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